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Your Enthral modular kitchen is available in a variety of top-quality materials, to last you a lifetime. Our kitchen experts will help you pick the best raw materials for every component of your kitchen, to fit your budget and requirements.

Cabinets and Shutters

Marine Ply

An extremely durable and waterproof plywood, its endurance to water exposure makes it ideal for kitchen use. The high-grade ply is known for its structural strength and resistance to expansion or contraction with change in temperature and moisture.


A material especially developed for high-quality kitchens, the high density fibreboard exhibits the same properties as plywood, all at a substantially lower cost. The high moisture resistant top-coat makes it waterproof, while heat and termite resistance makes it a popular choice.


Medium density fiberboard, a composite engineered wood, is known for its strength and consistency, resulting in smooth edges — perfect especially for cabinet doors (shutters). Comes with high moisture resistant top-coat, it boasts a superior surface finish, ideal for laminates and paints.


Expand design possibilities for your new kitchen with Saint-Gobain glass in clear and frosted finishes, available for wall cabinets and secured firmly in an aluminium or wooden frame. Choose tempered quality for exponential strength, as against standard annealed glass.

Countertop and Backsplash materials


This lustrous engineered material by Hafele, with 93% natural Quartz, is recommended for its strength and durability. Available in a whole range of colors and patterns, often mimicking natural stones, it requires minimal maintenance, is non-absorbent, and resists heat damage.


An epitome of luxury, the strength of this timeless stone is like no other. Match your backsplash with your granite countertop for a chic coordinated aesthetic. Furthermore, it registers no heat damage, is virtually scratch resistant, and stain resistant when sealant-coated.

Synethic surfaces

The solid surface material by DuPont, is a favoured choice for its availability in a great deal of colors. A Synethic surfaces countertop along with backsplash provides a seamless surface. It’s easy to clean, resistant to stains, with scratches easily buffed. However, hotpads are advisable.

Vitrified tiles

An option only for backsplashes, its availability in a wide range of colors, designs and price segments, makes vitrified tiles a popular choice. With low porosity and water resistance, they are durable, largely unsuspectible to staining and really easy to maintain.

Accessories and fittings


Our top-of-the-line drawers are hand-vetted from the best-selling models at Blum. As per the design of your choosing, the drawers may include premier quality nylon, metal (ss, aluminium etc.), PVC and glass design elements.

Wire Basket

A high-quality choice for kitchen wire baskets, stainless steel 304 grade offers durability, resistance to stains, and easy maintenance. Not readily prone to rust or corrosion even in a wide range of atmospheric environments, these steel baskets are safe and long lasting.


Manufactured by top brands, the hardware in your Livspace modular kitchen is galvanised steel, suitable for rooms exposed to moisture. Galvanization results in uniquely tough hardware, resistant to damage and corrosion. Designed as per the hardware’s function, the coating may also range from chrome to nickel.


Widest selection of modules

Modules are essentially the building blocks of your kitchen, offering endless possibilities for kitchen design that exactly fits your space and requirements. Enthral offers the widest selection of modules, from top International brands. Below, know more about what makes your Enthral modular kitchen special:

Base Cabinets

Specialized storage units, with ergonomic widths for storing everything from bottles, jars, towels to cleaning liquids, these base pull-outs are best installed near the dishwasher or towards either end of the kitchen. They make great use of narrow space and are offered in multiple widths and ranges.

Wall Cabinets

The finest example of contemporary kitchen design, the elegant top-opening wall cabinets — with International Blum lift systems, open with utmost ease. Simple to lift and able to fit the smallest to the largest spaces, operating wall cabinets is child’s play even if you are on the shorter side. A soft close mechanism with removable shelves inside makes lift-up cabinets a dream to use. Choose from single lift or bi-fold system to meet your functional needs, and from a range of wood, glass, or combination front panels for your every aesthetic whim.

Tall units

No longer will your pantry supplies feel out of place in the kitchen — whether it’s a family pack of noodles, month-long supply of tea-time rusks, or mango pickle jars from grandma, anything and everything finds home in the tall unit module.

Mid high units

An elevated unit, levelled at the centre of your backsplash — with the top and sides matching your countertop material — it can not only house built-in oven or microwave or both, but important drawers and shelves as well.

Drawer accessories

Plate Holder

The Orga-line plate holder by Blum is a practical accessory with a big impact. It lets you stack up to twelve of your dinner plates inside any drawer. With an anti-skid base, you will never have to worry about your crockery breaking when you open the drawer. What’s more, the two handles allow you to carry all the plates, at once, to the dining table.

Cutlery Tray

Organize all your spoons, forks, knives and even rolling pin, whisks, pestle, nutcracker and more in neat compartments inside your cutlery drawer. To suit all preferences, the tray is available in metal for a techno-modern look, wood for a traditional vibe and PVC for those who prize functionality.


This innovative inner dividing system by Blum features dividers that you can adjust according to drawer contents. So move the dividers around as you please, to give you an organization system that makes access easy and is intuitive and practical for the modern kitchen.

Wicker basket

Why buy separate baskets to store potatoes, onion, and garlic, when the wicker basket accessory can ensure a neat uncluttered look? With an elegant wooden frame, a slider to match, and an easy to use cut-out handle, pulling out the basket is supremely convenient. When pushed in, it completely aligns with all cabinets.

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